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Edibles High CBD

Zen Green Sencha™ Whole Leaf Tea

Zen Green Sencha™ Whole Leaf Tea
Zen Green Sencha™ Whole Leaf Tea
Zen Green Sencha™ Whole Leaf Tea
Zen Green Sencha™ Whole Leaf Tea
Zen Green Sencha™ Whole Leaf Tea
Edibles High CBD

Zen Green Sencha™ Whole Leaf Tea

Made with premium organic-certified ingredients and organic cannabis sustainably grown in living soil. TGOD Organics™ Zen Green Sencha™ Whole Leaf Tea comes wrapped in biodegradable pyramid sachets for a convenient, earth-friendly steep, all packaged in a recyclable tin cannister.
*Minimum order of 2. To purchase under 2 tins of tea, call our Care Team at 1-888-603-TGOD (8463). This must be done in combination with another TGOD product.
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Zen Green Sencha™ Whole Leaf Tea Details

This smooth blend starts with antioxidant-rich sencha green tea, enriched with the mood supporting benefits of moringa and balanced with calming tulsi and sweet liquorice root for a warm, zen finish.

Each serving contains 10mg of CBD and 1mg of THC, sourced from organically grown cannabis. Wrapped in a biodegradable pyramid sachet for a convenient, earth-friendly steep.

* TGOD Organics Whole Leaf Teas contain Ripple technology which in a human pharmacokinetic study achieved significantly higher absorption than CBD oil alone. Based on the study report “Hobbs JM, Vasquez AR, Remijan AD et al, Evaluation of pharmacokinetics and acute anti-inflammatory potential of two oral cannabidiol preparations in healthy adults. Phytotherapy, 2020: 1-8.

**May contain Gluten

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Organic moringa, Organic tulsi, Organic dried spinach, Organic sencha green tea, Organic liquorice root, Ripple (Modified corn starch, Organic modified coconut oil, Organic cannabis oil)

May contain: Gluten, mustard, sesame, tree nuts

Quality Assurance

100% Organic Ingredients
Premium Whole Leaf Blend
15 Minutes to Absorption
4.5X the Absorption vs. Cannabis Oil
Cannabis Grown in Living Soil
Lab Report

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