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Edibles Balanced

TGOD Infusers™ THC/CBD

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TGOD Infusers™ THC/CBD
TGOD Infusers™ THC/CBD
TGOD Infusers™ THC/CBD
Edibles Balanced

TGOD Infusers™ THC/CBD

TGOD Infusers™ THC/CBD provides the freedom to infuse any food or beverage with cannabis.
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TGOD Infusers™ THC/CBD Details

Create your own infused beverages or edibles anytime, anywhere. TGOD Infusers™ dissolve easily into any beverage and can be sprinkled onto your favourite food. Packed into individually sealed packets of precise portions of 2.5mg THC and 2.5mg CBD, they are odourless, flavourless, and calorie-free. Absorption occurs in just 15 minutes with 4.5X the absorption versus cannabis oil*.

*Based on the study Evaluation of Pharmacokinetics and Acute Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Two Oral Cannabidiol (CBD) Preparations. Measuring detectable levels of CBD compared to CBD Oil alone when dissolved in water.

Dominant Terpenes

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Sorbitol, Modified corn starch, Organic modified coconut oil, Organic cannabis oil.

Quality Assurance

Tasteless, Odorless & Calorie-Free
Dissolves in Seconds
15 Minutes to Absorption
4.5X the Absorption vs. Cannabis Oil
Lab Report

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