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Exclusive TGOD Organic Humidor

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Exclusive TGOD Organic Humidor
Exclusive TGOD Organic Humidor
Exclusive TGOD Organic Humidor

Exclusive TGOD Organic Humidor

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Exclusive TGOD Organic Humidor Details

This beautiful TGOD Humidor is more than just a conversation piece; it’s a stunning work of art which exudes quality and exquisite artisan craftsmanship. Each TGOD Humidor is handmade and is “one of a kind” since each piece of organic wood has unique grains and patterns. The TGOD Humidor features a Walnut top engraved with the TGOD logo, a Mahogany interior and the body made from torrefied Poplar. Inside, 3 large torrefied poplar containers are provided in which to store your favorite cannabis. In addition, a Xikar digital hygrometer is provided to monitor optimal humidity control. Solid brass hinges are used to secure the Walnut top to the TGOD Humidor body ensuring a tight, secure fit every time. To keep odors in, a Silicone gasket is mounted on the bottom side of the walnut top so when the lid is closed, the gasket seals the lid to the Mahogany body. A German-made anti-tamper lock with 2 keys are also provided.

The TGOD Humidor also features:

  • Removable solid Mahogany carrier, held in place with earth magnets that holds Boveda packs
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Unit measures 6"D x 13" L x 6" H

Exclusive TGOD Organic Humidor Shipping

Exclusive TGOD Organic Humidor should be recieved within 5-8 weeks.

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