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Edibles High CBD

TGOD Infusers™ CBD

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TGOD Infusers™ CBD
TGOD Infusers™ CBD
TGOD Infusers™ CBD
Edibles High CBD

TGOD Infusers™ CBD

TGOD Infusers™ CBD provides the freedom to infuse any food or beverage with cannabis.
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TGOD Infusers™ CBD Details

Create your own infused beverages or edibles anytime, anywhere. TGOD Infusers™ dissolve easily into any beverage and can be sprinkled onto your favourite food. Packed into individually sealed packets of precise portions of 10 mg CBD and 1 mg THC, they are odourless, flavourless, and calorie-free. Absorption occurs in just 15 minutes with 4.5X the absorption versus cannabis oil*.

*Based on the study Evaluation of Pharmacokinetics and Acute Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Two Oral Cannabidiol (CBD) Preparations. Measuring detectable levels of CBD compared to CBD Oil alone when dissolved in water.

Dominant Terpenes

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Sorbitol, Modified corn starch, Organic modified coconut oil, Organic cannabis oil.

Quality Assurance

Tasteless, Odorless & Calorie-Free
Dissolves in Seconds
15 Minutes to Absorption
4.5X the Absorption vs. Cannabis Oil
Lab Report

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