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TGOD Global

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Our goal for The Green Organic Dutchman is more than building a cannabis brand; it's becoming the global leader in cultivating premium organic cannabis. Our focus on growth matches how we cultivate our organic plants: growing with sustainable, all-natural principles to enhance the lives of others – around the world.

The Green Organic Dutchman

Our roots are grounded in Canada's Medical and Adult-use Cannabis industry. This is where it all began, taking a world-leading role in growing certified organic cannabis at scale.

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Create your own infused beverages or edibles anytime, anywhere. Ripple quickly dissolves easily into any beverage and can be sprinkled onto your favourite food.

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Highly Dutch

Highly Dutch was inspired by an idea - make good weed for all the moments you want to create.

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TGOD Germany

Learn more about our goal to sell certified organic medical cannabis through The Green Organic Dutchman in Germany.

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