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Our Organic Story


Through regenerative farming, TGOD considers the entire product life cycle to reduce our carbon footprint. The organic process is more clean with a focus on natural growth of the plant, as nature intended.

Pure. Natural. Certified. Take a look inside our sustainable practices.

We are dedicated to organic practices and sustainable principles:

1. Recyclable Packaging - using recyclable glass to contain our Flower & Oil products, while shipping containers use only recyclable paper.

2. LED Lighting - efficient/impactful light source to fuel growth of our plants.

3. Hybrid Facilities - allowing for absorption of natural sunlight. Plus, multiple filtration processes, allowing us to recycle and reuse 90% of rainwater that is used to feed our plants.

4. Energy Efficiency - water heat transfer allows us to heat up our hybrid facilities through an energy-efficient and cost-effective way.

5. Environmental Advocacy - partnerships with local groups (i.e. Grand River Authority Conservation) on specific environmental priorities to ensure the land is protected and honoured.

Grand River Conservation Authority
Natural Soil
Saving Energy
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TGOD's state-of-the-art cultivation process starts from the source: rich, Canadian, certified organic soil. Learn about our processes below.
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