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A guaranteed supply of clean, certified organic cannabis is what we want to deliver to patients. We grow high quality, certified organic cannabis with sustainable, all-natural principles. Our products are laboratory tested to ensure patients have access to a standardized, safe and consistent product.

Making Life Better

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O Cannabis Clinic makes it easy for patients to schedule a medical cannabis consultation in less than 15 minutes.

Making Life Better

Making Life Better

Our philosophy is more than growing certified organic cannabis; it’s cultivating a way of life.

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Not all cannabis is created equal. If someone cares about the way that their fruits and vegetables are grown and they carefully wash all of them when they buy them, they should care the same about their cannabis. The certified organic process leads to a cleaner product free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and allows Mother Nature to do what she does best.
With living soil, we put the plant in charge. With more than 72 ingredients in our soil, we are building a population of beneficial organisms to help the plant grow. The plans team up with the right fungi and healthy bacteria to grow strong, hearty, and 100% natural.
At The Green Organic Dutchman, we take organic seriously. Our processes are certified by both ECOCERT and Pro-Cert, and we are the only Licensed Producer where 100% of our cannabis products are organically grown. ECOCERT is one of the most discerning organic certification bodies, with standards based off natural and organic principles including the use of ingredients derived from renewable resources and environmentally-friendly processes. Pro-Cert's organic certification is ISO 17065 complaint and accredited, and is one of North America’s foremost organic certification bodies.