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Our Organic Story

The Organic Process

We believe in crafting the purest products possible. That’s why we believe our certified organic cannabis is better for the community, the environment – and for you.

We put a lot of care into our organic process

Living Soil
Sustainable Energy
Lab Certified and Tested

Learn more about TGOD's difference:

We are Organic

Growing organically is only one component of regenerative farming. While traditional agriculture practices load up the soil with nutrients for the plants, our process feeds the living organisms within the soil.

In turn, the living organisms take care of the plant. This community approach to our ecosystem means that our soil doesn’t become less fertile as the plant grows, but instead, the living soil becomes more fertile with every crop cycle.

Naturally Grown

We grow our cannabis plants with all-natural processes and principles, inputs that are approved for organic agriculture.

Recyclable Packaging

We are committed to reducing packaging waste by avoiding plastic and using only recyclable containers – like glass and tin – for our products.


At The Green Organic Dutchman, we take organic seriously. All our cannabis is certified organically grown by Pro-Cert and we are proud of it. You can learn more about our organic certification by clicking the link below.

Premium Quality

At TGOD, we live by the highest standards in cultivating premium, certified organic cannabis. Because of our complex organic growing methods, we use the most efficient and innovative technology to produce clean and pure, certified organic cannabis.



Get direct access to certified organically grown medical cannabis, right to your door.