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Our Organic Story


We put as much care into our community as we do with our products. Come join the TGOD community.

We Are Committed to Our Community and the environment that we work in.

Our Community

We live by the meaning and values of organic and believe that clean living is our culture. While TGOD is committed to taking a global leadership position in certified organic cannabis, our goal is to also create a positive, economic impact in local towns across Canada.

Alongside cannabis, our community farm is committed to producing fresh, organic foods that we contribute to our local communities through food donation programs and additional support.

Community Farm

At our core, we believe in respecting the environment that we work in and the community that we work with. To date, we have donated over 2,000 pounds of food to local Hamilton food share programs to help feed the hungry.

A Good Neighbour

To us, being a good neighbour means taking care of the communities we’re a part of. Share your feedback to help us do better in our communities.

Share Feedback


Get direct access to certified organically grown medical cannabis, right to your door.