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Our organic story

About TGOD

A global leader in cultivating premium, certified organically grown cannabis.

At The Green Organic Dutchman our philosophy is rooted in nature.

Nature knows best. At TGOD, we harness the undisturbed powers of nature. We nourish our plants using all-natural inputs like rainwater, sunlight, and living soil. It’s a living ecosystem that delivers a certified-organic difference in flavour, aroma, and experience. Carefully crafted by nature, brought to life through our CleanCraft organic growing methods. Join us in our mission to cultivate high-quality cannabis as nature intended.

Certified Organically Grown Cannabis

We grow to a certified organic standard, beyond the standards set for the industry. It's no easy task, but holding ourselves to a higher standard means a better product for you, and nature, in the end.

All TGOD cannabis is organically grown and certified by Pro-Cert. A 3rd party and internationally recognized organic accreditation body. Our Pro-Cert certification ensures that what we grow meets strict guidelines that are in line with the Organic Federation of Canada. We’ll settle for nothing less.

Learn What Makes Us Different

Our CleanCraft Methods

Growing high quality certified organic cannabis is no easy task. What makes our cannabis special? The difference is in our CleanCraft methods.
Discover our Methods

Our Sustainability Principles

It’s important to care about the world we pass on to future generations. We play our role in reducing our environmental impact. We grow our cannabis in living soil, reduce waste, conserve water, and let nature lead the way.
Discover what makes us environmentally sustainable.

Community Impact

We put as much care into our communities as we do in our products. That includes our community farm, and our commitment to social responsibility.
Take a closer look at our community impact.

Sustainable Production

We care deeply about the world future generations will inherit. We grow our premium organic cannabis in living soil, reduce waste, conserve water , and are committed to environmental, social, and governance priorities (ESG).

Our ESG Priorities

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Available in select Provinces across Canada. Learn more about the Provincial retailers that carry our products.