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Our organic story

About TGOD

The global leader in cultivating premium, certified organic cannabis.

There's a lot of hard work that goes into what we do. Learn what we're all about:

Our Organic Process

We're all about organic, which means our growing methods to manage the different biological systems are more complex than traditional growing methods. Watch what makes our certified organic cannabis different from the rest.
Discover our organic process.

Our Sustainability Principles

We being as mindful as possible when it comes to designed sustainable practices for our local communities. This means less packaging, less water, less energy.
Discover what makes us environmentally sustainable.

Our Community

We take into consideration the natural environment that we live in and work with local communities to make life better for future generations
Take a look at our community impact.

Sustainable Production

Our process includes living soil, natural sunlight, and purified rainwater. No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Growing premium certified organic cannabis.

Our commitment to organic


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