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Our organic story

About TGOD

The global leader in cultivating premium, certified organically grown cannabis.

There's a lot of hard work that goes into what we do. Learn what we're all about:

Our Organic Process

We're all about organic, which means our growing methods to manage the different biological systems are more complex than traditional growing methods. Watch what makes our certified organic cannabis different from the rest.
Discover our organic process.

Our Sustainability Principles

It’s important to care about the world we pass on to future generations. We play our role in reducing our environmental impact. We grow our cannabis in living soil, reduce waste, conserve water, and let nature lead the way.
Discover what makes us environmentally sustainable.

Community Impact

We put as much care into our communities as we do in our products. That includes our community farm, and our commitment to social responsibility.
Take a closer look at our community impact.

Sustainable Production

We care deeply about the world future generations will inherit. We grow our premium organic cannabis in living soil, reduce waste, conserve water , and are committed to environmental, social, and governance priorities (ESG).

Our ESG Priorities


Get direct access to certified organically grown medical cannabis, right to your door.