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Flower Low THC

Equinox Organic #1

Grower's Circle
Equinox Organic #1
Equinox Organic #1
Equinox Organic #1
Flower Low THC

Equinox Organic #1

Organic White Widow x The Ultimate


Certified organically grown in living soil, this famous hybrid-cross is a strain known for its deceivingly potent effects and haze aromas. Genetically originating from a male White Widow and a female Ultimate, this cross produces flowers that have earthy, citrus flavours twisted together with aromas of pine. 

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Equinox Organic #1 Details

Equinox Organic is part of our Grower's Circle collection and represents a rotating selection of small-batch certified organically grown hybrid strains. These small-batch, limited edition strains have been selected for their punchy aromas, and flavours, and unique terpene profiles. 
Equinox Organic #1 features Organic White Widow x The Ultimate. Unique for a daytime strain, this famous cross has strong, intense effects, but is a perfect match for those looking to remain active. 
A male White Widow and female Ultimate were put together to produce this mixed Indica/Sativa plant. With genetics originating from The Dutch Passion Seed Company, this famous strain produces strong earthy, citrus flavours that are twisted together with aromas of pine. 

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Certified Organically Grown Cannabis

Quality Assurance

Certified Organically Grown
No Synthetic Fertilizers
Grown in Living Soil
Full Spectrum Sun Grown
Purified Rain Water
Natural Pest Control
Hand Selected & Trimmed
Lab Report

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