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LIVE STREAM: Brian Athaide to Speak at McGill Integrated Management Symposium Series

In 2013, the Canadian government introduced regulation allowing the commercial production and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes. On October 2018, in the most recent legalization milestone of cannabis, recreational marijuana followed suit. Canada is now the second country in the world to have formalized the production, sale and consumption of marijuana. With the conditions for the development of a nationwide market provided, the cannabis industry is undergoing an intense commodification process. The demand and supply dynamics are unprecedented and not something the economy has seen since the end of alcohol prohibition in the 1920s. Despite this fast pace of change and many open questions, this is a very rare example of Canadian companies leading the development of a global industry, and all eyes are on Canada as countries around the world look to the future of their own regulatory environment.

To provide insight into the creation and transformation of the burgeoning cannabis market, McGill Desautels Faculty of Management is delighted to welcome Brian Athaide (BCom’89), CEO of The Green Organic Dutchmen (TGOD) for an Integrated Management Symposium. Brian Athaide will reflect with Prof. Diana Dakhlallah from the Organizational Behaviour area at Desautels on topics as varied as commodification dynamics and constraints, consumption, regulatory concerns, socially responsible investing, and the uncertain science of cannabis.



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