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Why Environmentally-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Matters

Cannabis legalization in Canada comes with a serious cost to the environment. Every stage of the production and consumption process takes its own toll, and coming up with environmentally-friendly solutions is a complex undertaking due to governmental regulations.

Industrialized indoor cannabis growing is now believed to be one of the most energy-intensive agricultural operations in the world. It requires mass-scale systems that control lighting, climate, irrigation, and round-the-clock monitoring to produce quality, safe products.

There is also cannabis processing, transporting, and waste management to consider in the equation as well. Unfortunately, the majority of current cannabis enterprises don’t see the incentive to go green, so the move toward sustainable cannabis in Canada is slow-moving. More often than not, the issue comes down to regulations that require innovative thinking to adhere to while protecting the environment.

Take cannabis packaging, for example. Health Canada orders cannabis "be packaged in an immediate container that is tamper-evident, child-resistant, prevents contamination and keeps cannabis dry." While the imperative behind such regulations is commendable, the reality stands in direct opposition to environmental health and protection.

CBC reports that “for every gram of cannabis sold there can be as much as 70 grams of packaging waste.” The accumulated waste of wrapping, foil, plastic, and cardboard, even from a single consumer, is unsustainable to say the least, especially when you take into consideration the current burden on Canada’s recycling facilities.

It takes a team with a strong focus on environmental sustainability to lead the way toward eco-friendly cannabis packaging. Hopefully, these ecoconscious practices will catch on, but until then, it’s worth seeking out those suppliers who grow and distribute with sustainability at the forefront. Anything else is simply irresponsible given today’s concerns about recycling limitations, ocean pollution, and climate change.

So what are some leading examples of eco-friendly cannabis packaging?

In the United States, you can find select suppliers using Sana Packaging, which is cannabis packaging made from either 100% hemp plastic and 100% ocean-retrieved plastic. These products are child and odour-resistant. However, it is still up to individual enterprises to make the decision to switch to eco-friendly packaging.

In Canada, the onus is also on cannabis companies to make an eco-friendly choice. Despite governmental sales of cannabis going the way of using plastic, wrap, stickers, and cardboard, this isn’t the only option.

Since The Green Organic Dutchman is committed to supplying Canadians with a leading organic solution to cannabis consumption, it only makes sense to package our products with the same eco-consciousness that fuels our internal operations.

We’ve said to no to plastic containers from the very beginning, instead choosing to go green with recyclable glass packaging for oils and flowers and recyclable paper for shipping. We’ve also designed our glass packaging with a care that lends its hand to reusing instead of recycling. We encourage innovative ways to reduce the impact of cannabis legalization on the environment because we believe a greener cannabis industry is not only possible, but essential.

Cannabis production in Canada is a rapidly growing industry that already poses a threat to our environment. Without an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and packaging, it won’t be long before cannabis-related pollution is out of control. You can do your part to be a green consumer by choosing organic cannabis process and packaged with the environment in mind