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Top Tips for Storing Cannabis Safely

Unsplash | jay stonne

There are endless reasons that bring people to this post, but everyone’s goal is the same: to store their cannabis discreetly.

Maybe you’re a parent—pets included!—worried about your little loves finding your plant products. Maybe you’re an on-the-go person and need a convenient and cute solution. Maybe you’re just organized and don’t want your stuff lying around.

Whatever your reason, this list was made for you.

Top tips for storing cannabis safely:

  1. Light damages THC, so it’s best to store your cannabis in a dark place or in a dark container. Glass amber jars are eco-friendly and inexpensive options.

  2. Store your cannabis in a cool place because heat promotes mold growth.

  3. If you want the ultimate in safety, find a storage case with a pin code lock system. Remember, some pets can chew through anything, hence tip #4.

  4. However you decide to store it, put it up high when not in use.

Top tips for storing cannabis discreetly:

First, let’s think about how much product you’re storing. Obviously the larger the amount, the harder it is to keep things discreet. This is where storage cases come in handy. Many cases are thick-skinned and come with internal dividers so you can store a variety of products at once.

But for the times where a dedicated case is too bulky, here’s what to do.


If you don’t want the bottle around, a great way to discreetly and conveniently store cannabis oil is to make your own capsules. Pick up some empty vegetable-based vitamin capsules and fill them with your desired dose. You can recycle the bottle and what you’re left with is what looks like any other liquid oil supplement.

Dried Flowers

There are a few ways to approach this. You could roll the dried flowers in bulk and keep them in a colored airtight container. You could also keep one in a pocket or purse-sized vile.

For a more permanent solution, you could create your own box of supplies from one of those decorative options at the Dollar or home store. In this box, you can keep some flowers in a small jar, a grinder, your vape, cleaning supplies, etc.

Pssst… While some sites suggest using a tobacco humidor, others will tell you doing so will mess with the terpene profile of the cannabis.