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Top Canadian Cannabis Calendar Events to Attend // Autumn 2019

By Michelle Pugle

Get ready for an autumn filled with cross-country cannabis events. Whether you’re an investor looking for her next opportunity, a vendor seeking exposure, or a consumer who wants to know more about this budding industry, this pumpkin spice season has something for us all.

Remember to get your tickets early because these first-of-a-kind events are filling up quickly.

September 4-5
Culinary Cannabis Association Certification Training

Edmonton, Alberta

Get certified in working with culinary cannabis in this two-day event. Learn everything from proper techniques to terminology to safety considerations.

If you’re not around Alberta, you can still catch the curriculum in other major cities at different dates across Canada including Vancouver, British Columbia and Hamilton, Ontario. 

Expect to pay $400. 

September 4
Toronto, Ontario

For anyone emerging or growing in the cannabis industry, this is a must-attend all-day event.

Be excited to see the latest technologies and innovations on embarking on the market from between 100-500 unique vendors.

September 4
Ontario Cannabis Festival

Kitchner, Ontario

Anytime an event has the word ‘festival’ in it, you know it’s going to be good. The invite says they’ll offer munchies, entertainment, and educational materials.

They also encourage you to BYOC - Bring Your Own Cannabis.

September 6
Women Grow Pop-Up
Toronto, Ontario

This event is geared to helping women in the cannabis industry connect and network. There will be lectures, speed-hiring sessions for job-seekers, and patient info areas available.

At the most, this event will set you back $40 and put you forward health and career-wise.

September 7-8
The Karma Cup 2019
Toronto, Ontario

This event is truly worth traveling for. Picture a farmer’s market open for two days and all the tables are filled with experienced industry leaders sharing and offering their latest strains, topicals, and edibles. Oh yeah, and you get to witness the annual ‘Karma Cup’ competition. 

September 22
The Collector’s Cup
Vancouver, British Columbia

This Cannabis Cup takes place at the beautiful University of British Columbia. Tickets range based on access and whether or not you want to apply to judge the cup. Judge admissions are priciest around $200 and General Admission options run between $20-$80.

You can also enjoy their finger food snacks, cash bar, or many surrounding restaurants while experiencing this first-of-its-kind legal cannabis celebration event.

September 25

Cheech and Chong O Cannabis Tour
Hamilton, Ontario

Anyone who’s gone through a Cheech and Chong fandom phase can appreciate trying to see them on their latest tour. Check out their official website to search when they’re coming closest to your city.

September 27
Cannabis Career Festival
Toronto, Ontario

Head straight to Steam Whistling Brewing for this multi-purpose event that offers job opportunities, networking, and knowledge-sharing among the community. Remember to bring your resume or personal marketing materials.

October 2-3
Future Cannabis Strategies Event
Toronto, Ontario

Another great networking opportunity, this two-day event is perfect for professionals, emerging leaders, and investors looking to capitalize on this expanding market.

October 3-4
Montreal Cannabis Expo
Montreal, Ontario

Anyone interested in learning more about the Canadian cannabis industry and where it’s headed should consider attending at least one cannabis expo this year. 

In Montreal, expect to connect with licensed producers, growers, healthcare professionals, and investors.

October 8
Cannabis Sommelier Level I
Calgary, Alberta

Take advantage of this chance to get certified in the beginning basics of becoming a cannabis connoisseur. In just eight hours, you’ll gain priceless information about cannabis and its many notable qualities.

If you’re not in the area, search online for classes near you.

October 11
Hempfest Expo
Calgary, Alberta

For the price of a single meal out ($12.50-$35.00), you can attend the expo and enjoy the events exhibits and speakers, along with their first annual Hempfest Cup.

After the day’s main events, you can relax while watching some live entertainment. 

October 27
Cannabis Wedding Expo
Toronto, Ontario

Every cannabis-loving bride and groom-to-be should spend the $20 to experience this first-ever cannabis wedding expo event in a mall.

Expect gift bags, cannabis vendors, fashion shows, art installations, and self-care perks like available massages and hair and makeup stations.

October 27
Cannabis Sommelier Level II
North York, Ontario

This single-day course put on by Canna Reps is being offered for beginners, dispensary workers, and cannabis entrepreneurs alike. 

Course completion will cost you close to five hundred dollars, so make sure you pay attention in class and take notes.

November 20
Cannabis Plant Science
Mississauga, Ontario

This single-day event will catch you up to speed on all things cannabis plant science including therapeutic benefits, anatomy, and how the human endocannabinoid system works.

Tickets will cost close to $900 for this course.

November 22
Cannabis Consumer and Business Expo
Toronto, Ontario

Hundreds of exhibitors, speakers, and vendors will be ready to wow you for all your upcoming holiday season needs. Topics discussed include the health benefits of cannabis. Tickets range from $15-$200 depending on entry regulations.

November 23-24
Cannabis Expo
Ottawa, Ontario

Spend the weekend learning about everything from cooking with cannabis to the basics of home growing and how to invest in cannabis in Canada.

Seriously, there’s a lot of awesome topics available free with admission, so take advantage and plan ahead on what you’d like to prioritize seeing first.