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The Perfect Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers

Unsplash | Elements5 Digital

People who love cannabis make it so easy to find the perfect gift. The market has endless options ranging from high-end dessert edibles to sleek travel cases and glass bongs that double as home decor. So no matter what kind of cannabis lover is on your list, there’s a present that perfectly suits their style.

Still not sure what kind of gift to give? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our favourite cannabis-inspired gifts.

The perfect stocking stuffer: Organic hemp or raw rolling papers

What it will cost: around $2

These are easier to find than ever and come in a variety of rolling sizes. You can find RAW papers that are brown and thicker than your average Zig Zag and actual Zig Zags with their convenience store brand of organic hemp papers that fit over a gram of dried flowers.

You could pair a few packs with some favourite snacks and a movie or game for a gift that doubles as a date. Candles optional.

The most-loved hosting gift: KUSH Candles
What it will cost: $15 for a 10oz. candle + shipping

Made with soy wax and hemp oil, the base of these candles is all natural, providing a clean and non-toxic burn. Blended terpenes from our favourite strains release incredible aromas that remind us of our favourite strains like White Widow and Pineapple Express.

With adorable packing and a 50 hour burn time, these candles are sure to impress even those who don’t consume cannabis.

For the one you really adore: A Stashbox subscription box
What it will cost: $30/month + a $36.95 charge upon first checkout

This is the kind of gift that shows a commitment to your relationship, whether it be a friendship or romance. It shows you know this person and feel they should get treated every month of the year, not just during the holiday season.

What’s in the boxes: glass pieces, snacks, mystery products, and other “goodies.” You can cancel at anytime.

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For the one who needs some tools: Nuggy - the Swiss Army knife for cannabis lovers

What it will cost: between $40-50

This pocket-sized present has ten tools assisting in everything from loading vapes to cleaning pipes. It’s a one-tool-wonder that any cannabis connoisseur will adore. Plus, it’s discreet and lightweight and comes in a bright pink or metallic blue, complete with gift box.


For medical and on-the-go users: Secure cannabis stash bag
What it will cost: $50+

This is the kind of gift you give the organized, mindful cannabis lover in your life. Having all your cannabis products, from oils to flowers and papers and pipes, in one handy bag is not only tidy and convenient, it’s also safer all around.

Proper storage lengthens the shelf life and preserves the potency of cannabis. It also helps keep it hidden from kids and pets. Most stash bags come with locks and are sturdy enough to be placed out of reach of children and pets.

This gift is perfect for medical patients who need to dose on-the-go.

For the introvert who likes to chill at home: A high-end glass bong
What it will cost: $200+

Around the $200 mark is when good, perfectly acceptable glass bongs upgrade to the fancy stuff we save for holiday gift-giving and splurging. You can find beautiful pieces of glasswork by local artists at shops and enjoy the experience of choosing colours and designs based on your friend or family member’s personality.

You can also always buy this for yourself. After all, if you’re big into smoking, a beautiful bong might just be the perfect addition to this winter season.