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The Best Strains for Focus

Unsplash | bady qb

Cannabis consumers generally see sativas as energizers best for daytime use and indicas as relaxers best for evening and bedtime use. However, this is far from the full-picture of what these different types of cannabis can offer. Research shows that not all sativas and indicas are the same. The time for generalizing has passed, and now we can hone in on the true therapeutic complexities of each cannabis plant type.

We can use this new understanding to our unique advantage when deciding which strains are best for our individual needs.

Case in point: People looking to increase their ability to focus can turn to the following popular sativa strains with confidence.

Charlotte’s Web

One of the world’s most famous strains, Charlotte’s Web is renowned for its low THC profile and high CBD expression. While nearly everyone knows this strain was cultivated specifically to help a girl named Charlotte manage her epilepsy, a lesser-known effect is its ability to increase focus. In fact, Leafly ranks “focused” as the second most experienced effect from this sativa, right after “relaxed.”


Chocolope is a crossbreed sativa born from Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. According to Leafly, Chocolope delivers effects of increased focus and consumers report a “strong, euphoric mental shift that is great when coping with depression or stress.”

Cinex is a hybrid sativa-dominant strain known for its powerful uplifting effects. It’s said to help stimulate creative energy and induce a positive mindset in consumers. 


Harlequin is a sativa-dominant strain praised for its consistent expression of CBD. The CBD synergizes to reduce any adverse effects from THC.

This popular strain provides the clear-headed mental alertness consumers have come to expect from sativa, thereby boosting one’s ability to focus.

Island Sweet Skunk

This Canadian-bred strain, also known as Sweet Island Skunk, is praised for its tropical aroma and energizing effects. It enhances moods while creating a euphoric effect that helps one zone in on tasks.

Jack Herer

This sativa-dominant hybrid was developed by combining a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross. Consumers report the effects as “blissful, clear-headed, and creative.”

Super Lemon Haze

With lemon in the name, it’s no wonder this strain is said to produce energetic and lively effects. The aroma from the terpenes alone can help boost mood and alertness.

It’s important to remember that dosing can also alter the effects of each of these strains. As a general rule, those looking for focused effects should start with a small amount of cannabis and assess the outcome before further dosing.

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