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The Best Cannabis Gifts for the 2019 Holiday Season

The Best Cannabis Gifts for the 2019 Holiday Season
By Michelle Pugle

This wish list was made for people who appreciate cannabis.  

People who take pleasure in the rituals of consumption. People who view plant infusions as part science and art. People who use cannabis medically or recreationally.

So whether you’re searching for some self-care items or looking for a small hostessing gift or a present that’s beyond impressive, you’ll find something here to fit every budget and personal style.

Photo Note

- Gifts Under $30 -

Green Jay E-Lighter 

This sleek, disc-shaped e-lighter is an eco-friendly alternative that’s perfect for travelers and campers. Since it’s flameless, it can be used in dry and windy areas alike.

This would make a great Stocking Stuffer, Secret Santa gift, or Draw Prize present. You can find it online or at Urban Outfitters.

Goldleaf Cannabis Taster Journal

Highly recommend this for any cannabis patients on your shopping list. With this tasteful tasting journal, they can keep track of which strains and types provide relief and which are better left for recreational use.

You can also find a medical patient-specific journals from the same retailer. Pair with a nice pen.

Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed [A Cookbook]

For the aspiring cannabis chef on your list, get this beautiful coffee table book created by the editors of VICE Munchies. They’ll learn the specifics behind proper infusions and how to make things from ‘weed butter-basted chicken’ to ‘weed chimichurri’ to ‘weed brownie sundaes.’

The Stoner’s (Adult) Coloring Book

‘Featuring grams and ounces of mind-altering illusions,’ reads the subtitle to this trippy-looking adults colouring book boasting 40 unique drawings. Grab this, a colouring pen or pencil set, and wrap them together with hemp twine for an adorable gift suitable for anyone who likes colouring, or who could really use a reason to chill.

- Gifts Under $60 -

Fashionably High Tea Ceramic Cannabis Set

This gorgeous gold and green high tea cup and saucer set is perfect for your bestie moving into their own place or your aunt or sister who likes her tea with a side of H and C.

Spruce Thicket Hat

Made from majority hemp materials, this Canadian-designed hat from Ten Tree apparel is great for the environmentalists and outdoorists on your list.

Plus, ten trees are tracably planted with every purchase!

- Gifts Under $100 -

Premium Wood Rolling Tray 

For the person who loves to roll their own, The Green Organic Dutchman Canadian-crafted this beautiful Black Walnut piece. It’s functional, stylish, and has rubber bumpers to secure the tray for superior stability.

Rogue Paq Vegan Leather Stash Kit

Perfect for the fashionista or Marie Kondo-type on your list. This stash kit comes with a reserved spot for every cannabis accessory currently floating around in the bottom of your bag. 

You can even personalize the kit with a monogram.

Gifts Over $200

Strain Canes

Strain canes are exactly what they sound like, “strain specific walking staffs.” Made by a couple who also crafts strain stalks into artisanal lamps, wands, and a one-of-a-kind coat rack, these pieces are personal and practical. You can find even select staffs that have a built-in stash spot in their handle.

iPower Leaf Bowl Trimmer

This one’s for the home growers. You can find it in a few sizes, but all boast the power of 30 scissors in one unit. It’s perfect for people harvesting their legal plants alone or those with arthritis and other chronic ailments that impact dexterity.


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