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TGOD Glass Jar DIY Christmas Tree Ornament

TGOD Glass Jar DIY Christmas Tree Ornament
By Michelle Pugle

We hope you’ve been saving your empty TGOD glass jars for the holidays because there’s so many cute DIYs that can be done.

The green tint of the glass jar makes it a perfect canvas for Christmas decor of all kinds.

Classic Christmas Ornaments

You could take a jar with its lid, easily attach a handle or hook, decorate the outside, and have yourself a merry little upcycling session.

You could also take a jar, fill ¾ with Epsom salts, and stick an Elf on the Shelf in the middle to hold them upright or make it look like they’re peeking out of the jar.

How you design is obviously your choice, but you can find some handy tips for decorating glass jars below. When it’s dry, you can hang it on a sturdy branch in your tree or somewhere with other seasonal items.

Sustainable Tablescape Decor Ideas  

If you’ve saved several jars, you can use more than one at once to create a cool tablescape for the holidays.

You can group jars, remove their lids, fill with little white rocks, and add soy or beeswax tealight candle to their tops. You can wrap some of the jars with hemp twine and secure with transparent glue and a few cute buttons.

You can also stack three jars (lids on) in a zig-zag pattern to make a modern and minimalist glass tree for your tablescape, mantle, windowsill, or even bedside table.

Start by securing the first jar’s bottom to a piece of wood or cork with a strong adhesive. Let dry. Next, take your second jar and face the slant in the opposition direction. Secure the jar’s bottom to your first’s jar’s lid. Let dry. Repeat once more, making sure each slant is facing the opposite direction, as if stacking a Jenga board. Once the third jar is secure with its lid on and adhesive dry, you can then add a tree topper of your choice. We suggest a star ornament, crystal or rock, or air plant.

Now that you have a few ideas of what you can do, let’s talk about crafting with glass.

How to Decorate Glass Jars

The bulk of transforming TGOD glass jars into ornaments comes down to decorating the green glass or accentuating its natural beauty. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Clean the jars

    Since you’ll be painting and pasting and whatever else, you’ll want squeaky clean canvases to work with. Wipe down the glass with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar, making sure to remove any cannabis residues and let the glass fully dry before you DIY. 
  2. Choose your paint

Go for chalkboard paint or a bright white to complement the green backdrop of the glass jar. 

Alternatively, you can skip the painting part if you’re as in love as I am with the green look of the glass.

3. Accessorize

You can personalize your decor with Washi tape, Modge Podge and paper, hemp twine, ribbon, or even Kraft paper stickers and labels. Whatever your style, there’s something to solution.

When you DIY with your TGOD glass jars, let us know on our Facebook page! We’d love to see the photos of all your awesome creations.