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Terpenes 101: What is Myrcene?

Image via Pexels

Within any given cannabis strain can be found 200 distinct aromatic oils called terpenes. These terpenes all contribute to a strain’s characteristic scent, flavour, and medicinal properties, but it is just ten primary terpenes that are most commonly expressed in high concentrations.

Myrcene is one such primary terpene. It boasts a blend of aromas ranging from herbal to citrus to clove to musk. It can be found in The Green Organic Dutchman’s Organic Zombie Kush and in strains ranging from Blue Dream to Green Crack to Northern Lights. 

It is also present throughout the plant kingdom in tropical fruits like mangoes, in herbs like clove, basil, and lemongrass, and in flowers like hops and cannabis. It is a complex terpene with a host of medicinal properties.

The associated therapeutic effects of myrcene.

Myrcene has synergistic effects with cannabinoids and other terpenes. It is said to enhance the psychoactive effects of THC. Myrcene is also known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It can be used in wide range of herbal remedies for safe symptom management. 

Consuming myrcene

Myrcene can be consumed through traditional aromatherapy methods whereby you dilute a myrcene-rich essential oil in water and diffuse the solution in a well-ventilated room. We suggest trying organic lemongrass oil for its mood-boosting and energizing qualities.

You can also look to organic cannabis strains that present higher-than-average amounts of myrcene. With these, you can vape flowers, dose oils, or bake and eat edibles. Remember that myrcene is known to enhance the effects of THC, so start low and go slow.