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Ripple by TGOD dissolvable cannabis powder resting on a coffee cup

The main difference between Ripple Dissolvable Powder and Ripple QuickSticks is in their intended use. Ripple Powder is flavourless, and can be consumed by being mixed into virtually any type of food or beverage. From coffees to cocktails and shakes, to snacks and baked goods, the possibilities to infuse cannabis into your diet are limitless.

Ripple QuickSticks, on the other hand, are flavoured powders intended to be poured directly on the tongue.

Edibles and beverages are becoming increasingly popular consumption methods with varying flavours and dosage levels to appeal to every type of consumer. However, edibles typically have an onset time of 30 to 60 minutes – which can be a long time to wait for your desired effect. 

That’s where The Green Organic Dutchman’s Ripple branded products comes in. They are discreet, easy to consume, and offer a faster onset time compared to other forms of edibles. While there are ready-to-drink cannabis beverages on the market already, dissolvable cannabis powders are offering a wider range of versatility and efficiency compared to their liquid counterpart. 

In this post, we will compare Ripple Dissolvable Powder and Ripple QuickSticks Flavoured Powder to understand the differences between these products. We will also discuss why dissolvable cannabis powders are more efficient compared to liquid beverages. 

First, let’s look at Ripple’s dissolvable cannabis powder. 

Ripple Dissolvable Cannabis Powder: What Is It?

Ripple Dissolvable cannabis power provides the freedom to infuse any food or beverage with cannabis. Flavourless and easy to consume, this product allows for endless experimenting opportunities in the kitchen or on the go. Conveniently packed in precise portions of THC and CBD, Ripple dissolvable cannabis powder offers a quick (and clinically proven) onset time of as little as 15 minutes with 4.5 times the absorption compared to traditional cannabis oil. 

TGOD’s dissolvable cannabis powder is a THC isolate made from organically grown cannabis. Ripple powder is available in single-serve sachets in the following strengths:

Ripple QuickSticks by TGOD

Ripple QuickSticks: What Is It?

Ripple Quicksticks is a fast-onset flavoured THC powder that is meant to be poured directly on the tongue for a quick, discreet, and flavourful cannabis experience. Just toss back and enjoy.

Ripple QuickSticks work on the same fast-acting technology that is found in our Ripple Dissolvable powder, offering an onset in as little as 15 minutes. Unlike standard Ripple Dissolvable powder, Ripple QuickSticks requires no mixing with food or drinks. Our 10mg THC sachets are currently available in the following flavours:

Ripple QuickSticks is shelf-stable and is made with food-grade ingredients and THC isolate from organically grown cannabis

How Does Ripple Compare to Other Edibles?

The cannabis edibles market is ever-growing, with sodas, baked goods, and sparkling waters available in many flavours and dosage levels. While the choices can be overwhelming for the consumer, dissolvable THC and CBD powders provide the most versatility and efficiency. 

What sets Ripple products apart from others is the convenience, discretion, and fast onset time that other edibles and beverages cannot offer. Here are some additional advantages that Ripple Dissolvable Powder and QuickSticks offer consumers:

  • Clinically proven onset time of 15 minutes 
  • Has an absorption level 4.5 times more than cannabis oil 
  • Made from certified organic cannabis 
  • Contains zero calories 
  • Easy and efficient consumption

Ripple dissolvable cannabis powder poured into a coffee

Learn More About Ripple Dissolvable Cannabis Powder and Ripple QuickSticks

Contact us today, or find the closest retailer near you to learn more about our Ripple dissolvable cannabis powder products. 

For a sprinkle of inspiration, you can also check out our Ripple-infused recipes!