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Natural Ingredients to Clean Your Cannabis Equipment

It's fair to say that we've all become more aware of the importance of our good hygiene. Hopefully good hand washing was already a part of the routine, but our new state of being has us properly wiping down hard surfaces like cellphones with more diligence than ever before - the same approach should hold with our cannabis equipment. 


From one-hitters to glass bongs to crystal pipes, our cannabis equipment undeniably comes in contact with bodily fluids and the risk of exposure to any unwanted germs or viruses only increases if you share your equipment with loved ones or friends. 


Regularly cleaning your cannabis equipment is extremely important for good hygiene, but as an added benefit it also helps to improve the flavour of the cannabis, increases functionality (e.g. you don't have to pull as hard), and helps to maintain the aesthetic appeal (a clean pipe is much better to look at!) of whatever equipment you choose to use. 



Natural Ingredients to Clean Your Cannabis Equipment



Tools & Ingredients


Rubber gloves: help to keep hands safe and clean


Distilled white vinegar: an acid that cuts through a build-up of resin


Baking soda: a natural scrubbing agent. It can be more gentle than salt on surfaces and help prevent discolouration


Lemon essential oil: natural deodorize and stain remover


Soft toothbrush: great for scrubbing hard to reach places


Reusable Containers: for soaking equipment overnight





Best practice is to maintain the cleanliness of your equipment from day one. That means washing your piece before the first use and always fully emptying each bowl or chamber of dried herbs before putting the equipment away. 


If you’re using a water pipe or water bong, be proactive and empty the water after each session and give the equipment a good rinse with high-pressure water. 


To thoroughly clean your one-hitter, bong or pipe, start by wearing gloves and take apart any connecting pieces. 


If you're cleaning a glass bong or pipe be careful not to drop it, as it may break. As a precautionary measure, lay a tea towel in the bottom of your (empty and clean) sink before beginning the cleaning process. Always wear gloves. This way, if glass breaks, you can easily and safely clean the broken glass by lifting and tieing opposing tea towel ends and removing it from the sink for proper disposal. 


Mix some baking soda with hot water and a few drops lemon oil to make a paste. Scrub over the well-loved parts of your equipment (i.e. the mouthpiece) or wherever a significant build-up of resin has occurred. Soft toothbrushes are great for this and can help reach difficult areas.


Fill a sealable bag or container halfway with distilled white vinegar (make sure it is large enough to fit your equipment). Add a few drops of lemon essential oil and one teaspoon of baking soda.


Add the components of your equipment. If you're worried about pieces chipping or touching, use separate containers and follow the same steps. 


Let your equipment soak overnight. In the morning thoroughly rinse with hot water. 


It’s good to maintain a regular cleaning schedule, but if you fall behind, you may need to repeat this process a few times to remove all the build-up. 


While we don't recommend sharing your cannabis equipment if you do, you can purchase silicon mouth covers for bongs to make sharing more sanitary. And, because we can't say it enough, wash your hands before and after every consumption experience. 




Keeping your cannabis equipment clean, now, more than ever is an important part of your consumption ritual. If you're looking for more tips on how to naturally elevate your cannabis experience be sure to follow us on social or sign up for our newsletter below.