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Infusers Recipe: Creamy Avocado Mousse

TGOD Infusers lets you choose what you want to infuse. Dissolvable, tasteless and calorie-free you can elevate anything you're craving with THC, like this creamy avocado mousse. 


If you are new to cannabis edibles, make sure to start low and go slow. The THC content of this recipe is 10mg of THC per serving. If you would like to decrease the amount of THC, use only a portion of the sachet or divide this recipe into smaller portions. 


Chocolate Avocado Mousse 


A creamy chocolate delight


Serves 1 | 10mg of THC per serving




1/2 cup of Almond Milk (or any plant-based milk)

1 tbsp Cocoa Powder of Raw Cacao (to taste)

1-2 tbsp Maple Syrup

100g Avocado (about 1/2 an avocado)

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon

1/8 tsp Kosher Salt

1 TGOD Infusers sachet (10mg of THC per sachet)




Add all ingredients to a blender and mix until silky smooth. You can adjust the consistency of the mousse by adding more almond milk or more avocado as desired. 


Taste for sweetness and seasoning; adjust accordingly with more maple syrup or salt. Transfer to a serving glass and enjoy immediately or chill in the fridge before serving. 


Optional: Garnish with grated chocolate, flakey sea salt, fresh berries, or whipped cream. 



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