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How to Titrate TGOD Oils | Sample Titration Chart for Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oils can be a convenient way to consume medical cannabis. As an oral form of cannabis, oils are an effective medication option for those looking for an alternative to smoking, while allowing for more precise dosing than dried flower.

The effects that cannabis has on a person can be highly individual. For patients who are just starting with cannabis oil as part of their treatment journey, it is advised you start low and go slow. This is where self-titration can be an effective tool to help you find your optimal dosage.

Titration is the process of gradually increasing the dose until the desired results are achieved. This allows you to better gauge your response to cannabis. This process may seem like a journey, but the goal is to optimize your outcomes while limiting negative side effects.

The chart below is a sample titration schedule. It is advised to titrate as needed and stop when the desired effect has been achieved. Titration may be slower or faster depending on your age, health condition, or other medication. Always work with your health care practitioner to find a starting dosage and titration schedule that works for you.


Sample Titration Schedule

Sample Titration Chart Cannabis Oils | How to Titrate TGOD Oils

This titration schedule is a sample only. Patients may need to titrate slower or faster depending on their individual needs. Stop titration when you have reached your desired effect. Always work with your healthcare practitioner to find a starting dosage and titration schedule that works for you. 


Tips for Self Titration:

  • Start low. Go slow. Oral dosages of cannabis take more time to take effect (30 minutes – 2 hours)
  • Gradually increase your dosage until your desired effect is reached
  • Maintain a consistent dosing schedule and increments
  • Work with your health care practitioner to determine if smaller doses at more frequent intervals are better for your treatment plan
  • Avoid consuming additional cannabis until you have been able to evaluate the effects of your first dose


About TGOD Oils


Care Organic

CBD Sativa

May be good for daytime or nighttime use

Harmony Organic

Balanced Hybrid

May be good for daytime or nighttime use

Unite Organic

High THC Indica

More suitable for nighttime use


For more information about TGOD oils, or to view their full certificate of analysis, please visit our Care Organic, Harmony Organic, or Unite Organic product pages.

Do Not:

  • Drive while under the influence of any cannabis products
  • Use cannabis with alcohol or other drugs
If you experience any side effects during your treatment session, stop treatment immediately and contact your health care practitioner. If experiencing any serious adverse reaction go to your nearest emergency room.