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How to Share a Cannabis Experience, Without Sharing Cannabis


Sharing amongst friends is a traditional part of cannabis culture, but old norms are evolving. The days of puff-puff-pass are coming to a close because the concept of directly sharing products with people is becoming undeniably taboo (#socialdistancing). COVID-19 has created a heightened awareness around how germs can easily spread just through everyday behaviours like hugging, handshakes and hanging out with friends. However, there is a silver lining in the making. Social norms can be hard to change until we are forced to. This new norm has fast-tracked etiquette changes that are ultimately positive for our health today and in the future. Not sharing is the new caring. 


The benefits of not sharing cannabis 

  • You can reduce your risk of spreading bacteria or viruses
  • You don’t have to feel any kind of way for saying “no”
  • You can more easily control the amount of cannabis you consume
  • You can personalize your cannabis experience to the products and formats that you like 


Smoking & Vaping 


It can be tricky to retrain our brains from behaviours we’ve had for a while. If you’re accustomed to sharing joints or passing a vape back and forth, it can take some time to break the habit. Keep at it. You will get there. 


To get started with this new behaviour, make sure you have personal supplies, and ask the same of others, whether that's a one-hitter, pipe, vape or joint. This also means packing a personal supply of cannabis and a way to consume it without needing anything from anyone. Rolling your own joints, and storing things in your own container is important as you also want to limit the amount of contamination that results from multiple people touching your things (bacteria and viruses can live on hands and hard surfaces). 


Accessories such as joint holders, roach clips and re-usable mouth tips or filter pieces for personal joints also help to keep things hygienic. Again, you’re putting your mouth on paper that your hands have been all over. Properly washing your hands before and after your session is also good cannabis smoking etiquette.


When storing your dried cannabis, make sure it’s in a secure container and keep out of reach of children, teens, and pets. Keep in mind that buying organic cannabis from a legal retailer is the safest way to avoid contaminants in the first place. 




Edibles are the easiest way to share a consumption experience without having to 'share' your cannabis.


TGOD Infusers, our new dissolvable cannabis powder, comes in a single-serve sachet. This allows you to personalize the consumption experience in a way that you feel comfortable with. For example, you can consume the sachet to yourself, or create a sharable recipe, like our Blackberry Fizz Mocktail, and enjoy amongst friends (No passing a joint required). 


If you do create a shareable recipe, always ensure everyone has consented to consume a cannabis product, and that everyone has their own glass or cutlery (no sharing here either!). 


If you're consuming other forms of edibles like gummies or chocolate, be sure to wash your hands before you eat the edible. If sharing with others it's always a good idea to avoid touching something someone else will consume. If need be, use a small serving utensil or allow others to grab their portion (provided they too have washed up!). 




When consuming oils the biggest thing to consider when sharing is the dropper.


It's never recommended to share the dropper or syringe, even if it comes nowhere near touching your mouth. Think of droppers like reusable straws; You should bring your own and clean well after each use. If you are sharing an oil, make sure to use clean hands, a clean dropper and never place the dropper in or near the mouth. 



Sharing is part of human nature. We are wired to share stories, events, and, of course, experiences. There is no need to stop sharing in these things, however, when it comes to cannabis, we need (and can) be much smarter in how we do it. 


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