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How to Prevent Greening Out

Every one of us has a personal cannabis consumption threshold. Below our THC threshold, we enjoy the many benefits this ancient plant has to offer, but above it, we risk “greening out.”

Greening out can happen to anyone, and it’s pretty obvious when it does. Disorientation, verbal impairment, sweating, and paleness ensue. A person can also experience heavy limbs, paranoia, racing heart, and lightheadedness. It often feels as though they may pass out. Obviously, these are not the desired effects of cannabis.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps we can take to prevent greening out and maximize the positive potential of consuming organic cannabis. Now, it’s important to reiterate that there is no one-size-fits-all threshold for consuming THC—it is highly individualized and can also be affected by such factors as the person’s overall health and their chosen method of cannabis consumption. However, reducing risk is still pretty straightforward.

Choose vaping over edibles and concentrates

Vaping enables us to dose slowly, take breaks, and gradually assess the effects of cannabis consumption. Edibles and concentrates are riskier because they are more difficult to control when it comes to both dosing and pacing. 

When consuming edibles and concentrates, consider their THC levels

You should always check how much THC is in the organic cannabis you consume. These days, you can find highly-concentrated strains that require very little dosing for optimal effects. Be sure to follow the golden rule of starting low and going slow. Opt for lower THC options and titrate according to how your body responds. 

Avoid alcohol at all costs

Mixing alcohol and cannabis is a recipe for greening out for several reasons. For one, alcohol seems to amplify the effects of THC. For another, alcohol reduces your inhibitions and impairs your judgement. You can easily over do it and not realize it until you’re in the midst of a green out. 

Take breaks 

Avoid sitting in one cannabis consumption session for too long. Rather, have a little, let it sink in, have some water, move around, and then assess whether you or not you really need more cannabis to get your desired effects. 

Don’t make assumptions based on past experiences

This is a common mistake. You see, we tend to think that since we dosed a certain amount once upon a time and were fine, it means we’re okay to do it again. This isn’t how cannabis consumption works. While it’s true you’ll develop a tolerance to the effects of THC over time, that still doesn’t mean you can predict a future experience from a past one. For the utmost risk reduction, treat every time like your first time.