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How to Make a Bird Feeder with Your TGOD Glass Jar?

By Michelle Pugle

Birds play a beneficial role in the overall health of our outdoor ecosystems. Along with providing pollination, they also work tirelessly to keep bug and pest populations balanced. 

Watching and hearing birds in backyards and on balconies has the added benefit of contributing positively to our mental health and feelings of wellbeing. 

So it’s no wonder why you’ll find so many options for bird feeders at your local garden and home stores: We want to attract birds to our outdoor spaces to experience these benefits. You don’t need anything fancy, though. Birds couldn’t care less who has the most expensive feeder or fanciest bath; they just need the basics. 

This means you can DIY a simple bird feeder, fill it with the appropriate seeds, and sit back sipping and snacking while you watch the birds flock to your yard. 

Here’s what you will need:

  • A TGOD glass cannabis jar
  • A wooden kitchen spoon
  • Thick hemp rope
  • Bird feed
  • A second set of hands or a piece of heavy duty tape

Yep, that’s it. Now, let’s start with that empty, clean glass cannabis jar from your last TGOD purchase. 

  • Grab your jar and remove the lid. You won’t need it anymore. You can recycle it or save it for further repurposing activities. 
  • Take the wooden kitchen spoon and stand it upright against the jar. The spoon end should be facing upwards and the bottom end should be flat against whatever surface you’re working on. 
  • If you don’t have a second set of hands to momentarily hold the spoon in place, attach a piece of heavy duty tape to secure the spoon to the jar.
  • Take your hemp rope spool and place it next to your jar. Leave some slack at the end (a few inches will suffice). This excess rope will be later used to tie together with the other end and secure the spoon in place. If necessary, you can affix a piece of tape to section off your excess rope from your starting point of wrapping. 
  • Now, begin wrapping the hemp rope around the spoon and jar from the bottom up. When you reach the top, cut the rope from the spool and tie your end to the excess at the bottom. You should have a fully covered jar with the wood spoon sticking out.
  • Turn the jar on its side, spoon side down. This is the bird’s perch. 

How to hang your bird feeder:

To hang your jar from a tree or hook, simply take some more hemp rope and wrap around the jar once, as if tying your shoes. Tie the two pieces of rope around your tree branch or hook and make a few knots to secure it in place.

You can also use garden twine instead of rope if you prefer. Either way, just ensure it’s tightly secured to support the bird’s weight. 

Once it’s hung, you can add your bird seed. Make sure to find bird seed that’s appropriate for your area so you’ll attract the local birds. Don’t be surprised if a few squirrels take a snack or two, either.