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How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Mother Earth sustains us every day of the year, and she deserves the same unwavering commitment in return.

So while it’s certainly important to celebrate Earth Day and raise environmental awareness, it’s all the more crucial that we take daily steps to protect our home. Doing so inspires others to follow our lead and sets into motion a series of impactful actions that make a real difference.

So how can you celebrate Earth day every day? Here are some simple ideas to get you started. All of these tips are easy to implement and continue throughout the year whether you’re in school, working, or traveling.


Mother Earth needs us to change the way we see single-use items. While they’ve been marketed as a convenience, they pose a major problem when it comes to protecting the planet. Most of the time, we use them for a few seconds and disregard without thinking about the massive amounts of waste we’re creating.

The good news is, for every single-use product, there’s a reusable replacement: from straws to makeup pads to dinner napkins. Switching from single-use to reusable immediately increases the sustainability of your lifestyle.


Many household items that have served their initial purpose can be revamped to meet other needs. All it takes is a little creativity. For instance, worn-out t-shirts can easily become reusable cleaning cloths or even produce bags.

Choose organic

Whether we’re talking about food, cleaning and beauty supplies, health supplements, or at-home gardening methods, organic is the way to go. Organics offer many personal and environmental benefits from reducing our exposure to toxic synthetics and heavy metals and lowering our eco footprints. You can read more about the benefits of creating an organic lifestyle here.


Unplugging is about more than reducing energy usage and saving money. It’s about disconnecting from the tech world so we can reconnect with the natural environments that surround us. Try taking regularly scheduled breaks from your TV, cellphone, iPad, and laptop to tune into the real world around you.

Go natural

We live in a largely synthetic world. Going natural means getting back to basics. It means appreciating the perfection of simplicity. You can go natural in many different ways every day. Here are a few examples to get you started: eat whole foods over processed products; ditch synthetic fragrances for essential oils; move from synthetic fibres to hemp, flax, and bamboo blends.

Support local

Local farmers, artisans, and organizations need the support of their community to survive. Spending your purchasing dollars in these places reduces your carbon footprint and enhances your neighbours’ livelihoods.

Start growing

Growing your own herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers is a rewarding way to celebrate the inherent generosity of Mother Earth. Even if all you have is an apartment window, you can grow healing and culinary herbs. If you’re renting a room with low-access to natural light, you can grow all sorts of plants with a simple and inexpensive light system. Now, if you’re working with a front or backyard, your options obviously expand. In these spaces, do your best to grow more than grass and incorporate some pollinator-friendly perennials.

Get outside

We can’t stress this one enough. Most of us spend more time indoors than out and our mental and physical health suffers. Spending time in natural spaces like parks, beaches, and forests restores our passion for the planet and keeps us healthy. Do yourself a necessary favour and schedule some outdoor time each day—even if it’s just a few minutes to soak up some sun on your lunch break.