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How Best to Travel with Cannabis in Canada

By Michelle Pugle

Before traveling with cannabis products in Canada, there are some necessary things you need to know. 

From how many grams you can carry to how they should be packaged, following these legislative guidelines helps ensure a stress-free security screening.

The good news is, the regulations placed upon travelers are pretty straightforward. 

Here is the gist of what you can—and cannot—do.

After, I’ll share some tips that helped me travel across Canada with legal cannabis products.


What You Are Allowed

  • Possession of up to 30 grams of dried cannabis product or its equivalent
  • Cannabis oils must adhere to the same liquid limits (100ml or less)

Note: This is only for Canadian citizens traveling within country borders. 


Important Restrictions

  • You cannot enter or leave Canadian borders with cannabis. Doing so is illegal. This restriction applies to medical and non-medical patients.

  • It doesn’t matter if the country of entry has legalized cannabis or not. You cannot travel through international borders with cannabis.
  • You cannot possess cannabis if you are under the legal age minimum required to do so. Check the specific age restrictions in the province or territory you are traveling to ensure legality.

  • You must contain your cannabis products in their original packaging to prove legality. 


Some Helpful Tips

This doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, the first time I traveled with cannabis products in Canada, I was actually a little underwhelmed at how nonchalant the security personnel were. They were more concerned about my homemade Shea butter balm. Why? 

Well, being a planner, I called the airline before traveling to ask for some extra advice on making the journey as stress-free as possible. Plus, I didn’t want to show up with cannabis only to have it confiscated for some short-sighting on my part. 

This is what I’d recommend doing, based on my experience. 

  • Keep your cannabis products in their original packaging (sealed is ideal).

  • Store cannabis products in your carry-on bag near or with any prescription medications.

  • Store in a transparent pouch, like those used for traveling with liquids.

  • When you reach security, mention you have legal cannabis and direct the personnel to where you’ve placed it.

  • Avoid bringing any accessories like grinders or lighters, especially if previously used. 


Remember, while cannabis is legal in Canada, it’s still a substance that comes with many governmental regulations. Following them will ensure you keep yourself and your cannabis safe while traveling in Canada. 



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