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Facts About Growing Organic Cannabis

The legalization of cannabis means Canadians are now permitted to grow up to four cannabis plants per household. This personal allotment has sparked interest, leading many to visit their local hydroponics shops and cannabis retailers for advice. While these places will give you a sense of growing basics, it’s important to remember their motive is also to make repeat sales. The products offered in these shops are comprised of synthetic ingredients that are detrimental to the planet and your plants. For instance, if you’re growing outdoor cannabis, these synthetic fertilizers and pesticides will deprive your soil of essential nutrients, leading you to require evermore intensive inputs of pricey chemicals.

Cannabis growers and consumers have a right to know there’s a smarter, more sustainable way to get great buds by going organic.

Not sure if growing organically is right for you? Here are some facts to help you decide:

Growing organic cannabis is cost-effective

By working with nature, you ultimately save money. How? Well, organic soil is naturally saturated with beneficial microorganisms and nutrients, meaning it doesn’t require as many input resources. When additional fertilizer is necessary, it’s also much less expensive and in some cases, it’s absolutely free. For example, you can use homemade compost tea to give your plants an extra boost.

Organic pest control is as simple as companion planting

You can grow healthier plants without the use of toxic pesticides that leave nasty residues. By simply adding a few companion plants near your cannabis plants, you provide a shield of natural and eco-friendly protection. Try adding some pungent herbs around your plants like lavender, lemon balm, catnip, basil, and rosemary. Not only do these species deter pests, they provide delicious additions to homemade tea and sauces.

Organically grown cannabis has a better flavour profile

It’s no surprise that toxic pesticides and synthetic plant food paired with over-fertilized soil destroys the flavour profile of your buds. By choosing organic options, you let Mother Nature do what she does best. The result is a tastier final product.

Growing organic cannabis means consuming a safer product

Whether you smoke, vape, dab, drink, or eat cannabis products, it’s always safer when it’s been grown with organic methods. Why? It comes back down to those synthetic products that promise super growth and potency. These chemicals are not only unnecessary, they’re harmful. They leave residues that can’t be removed so when you consume non-organic cannabis, you can bring those toxins straight into your system.

Going organic is better for the planet

Responsible cannabis growers use organic methods because they don’t want to pollute the air, water reserves, and surrounding ecosystems with synthetic chemicals. Organic growing ultimately also means better soil quality, thereby reducing any need for tilling that can lead to erosion.

Growing organic cannabis is a surefire way to get better buds while looking after your health and protecting the planet.