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DIY Beach-Themed Glass Jar Terrarium

By Michelle Pugle 

You know those adorable home decor shops that have everything you want and nothing you can justify buying? Yeah, we love them too. 

Such shops serve as a guiding inspiration behind the more sustainable and affordable decor renditions we can make at home. 

Take those classic beach-themed glass terrariums, for example. Last weekend, I saw a pretty cute one, but it wasn’t exactly my style, and it was a hefty forty-five dollars for little more than glass and sand. I took a mental note and decided a clean TGOD glass cannabis jar would make the perfect canvas for my very own beach-themed terrarium.

You can DIY a beach-themed glass jar terrarium with the sustainable glass jar from your last TGOD cannabis purchase, too. It will look great in guest bathrooms and nautical-themed bedrooms and cottages. All you need to do is follow the instructions below.

Supplies needed:

  • Clean TGOD glass cannabis jar
  • Sand
  • A few special rocks, shells, or clear marbles
  • Dried tropical flower bloom
  • Small air plant in shell
  • Hemp twine
  • Nautical charm
  • Small spoon
  • Tweezers

DIY Instructions

Before we get into the details, just know there is no wrong way to do this. Follow your creativity and see where it leads. If you’re into traveling, you can personalize your terrarium based on the beaches and oceans you’ve fallen in love with. 

  1. Spoon some sand into the bottom of your empty glass cannabis jar. 
  2. Add 2-4 small rocks, shells, or clear marbles. 
  3. With your tweezers, gently lower your dried tropical flower bloom (ex. hibiscus, amaryllis, or orchid)  into the jar and place where desired. Push the bottom of the bloom into the sand for some support.
  4. Using the same method, gently lower your air plant and its shell into the jar. If you have small hands, it may be easier to do this sans tweezers.
  5. Tie some hemp twine around the jar’s mouth. Feel free to add a nautical charm like an anchor, starfish, or sunshine to the twine. 

You can skip the air plant and shell if you’d rather focus more on the tropical flower vibe or vice versa if you’re as obsessed with houseplants as I am. It’s your own private beach in a jar, so it’s up to you. Just be sure to keep your beach-themed DIY ocean-friendly and avoid plastic pieces and glitter that becomes litter.