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Cannabis Etiquette: Navigating Social Use During the Holidays

Cannabis Etiquette: Navigating Social Use During the Holidays
By Michelle Pugle

Now that the high of prohibition’s end is starting to fade, it’s time we talk about proper cannabis etiquette. 

With the holidays on the horizon, there are many upcoming events in which may want to consume cannabis. 

You may be confronted with internal questions like, “Is now a good time?” and, “Is here okay?” 

If you’re consuming capsules or edibles, your questions will naturally differ. You might find yourself asking when the best time to dose before an event is, or whether or not it’s appropriate to bring your own brownies.  

Common sense can help us answer most questions, but sometimes we’re just not sure. In such cases, we can consult these general guidelines outlining the basics of proper cannabis etiquette.

These cannabis etiquette guidelines come from personal experiences and narratives from people who do and do not consume cannabis.

Cannabis Etiquette Guidelines to Follow

1. Ask your host before bringing cannabis products to their house or event.

Yes, it’s legal. Yes, you should be able to do as you like as an adult. However, you also need to show respect for whoever is hosting. Not everyone is comfortable with cannabis use, and it’s better to know in advance than to be not asked to come back.

2. Bring your own secure stash box and keep it private.

Whenever you go out, cover your own basis. Pack a stash box with your cannabis and any accessories you’ll need. Keep it out of sight and reach in homes with children and pets.

3. Never assume it’s okay to smoke or vape inside someone’s home.

While it’s pretty much a social standard that we don’t smoke inside someone else’s house, the same cannot yet be said for vaping. Please don’t assume your host is okay with you vaping simply because there’s no combustion taking place. Vapour quickly fills a room and can make others feel disrespected. If you vape, give yourself some space.

4. Stick to designated areas.

If your host gives you an area of the party to consume cannabis in, stick to it. Likewise, be conscientious of public use laws and follow accordingly. 

  1. Check your setting before sparking up.

    If you’re going to smoke this holiday season, make sure you do so safely. Have an ashtray on hand and ensure your cannabis cigarette is fully extinguished. This is particularly important in drier areas or older homes. 

  1. Be health-conscious about sharing cannabis products.

Cannabis can be great for socializing, but sharing the same product around a group of people isn’t exactly hygienic. Do yourself a favour this cold and flu season and stick to solo sessions amongst others rather than group sessions where everyone shares the same single product.

  1. Use responsibly. 

The holidays can be stressful. We can find ourselves overindulging in all sorts of things. Be careful. If you overdo it, you could find yourself greening out at your holiday event. 

Remember, start low, go slow, and take breaks.

8. Don’t pressure people.

If someone doesn’t want to partake, that’s their choice. Respect it. 

  1. Leave nothing behind.

    Proper etiquette doesn’t end as you leave an event. Make sure to clean-up any spent vape buds, filters, or crumbs from your cannabis. Your host will appreciate your thoughtfulness. 


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