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Can Cannabis Give You a Hangover?

Image via Unsplash | Get Budding

Cannabis can give you a hangover, but only under certain circumstances. While research is sparse, it’s not non-existent. Three small-scale studies found people could experience residual hangover effects the day after using.

While a cannabis hangover is quite different—and much less painful—than one caused by drinking alcohol to excess, it’s still something to avoid. After all, cannabis’ purpose is to help us thrive. And anyways, who has time for a hangover?

What you need to know:

    • Your method of consumption matters.
      Smoking one joint or having a short vape session before bed isn’t likely to cause brain fog the next morning. Eating edibles or oil in excess might.

    • The amount you consume matters.
      Cannabis effects vary widely based on dosing. If you microdose your CBD oil before bed, you have nothing to be concerned about. You’ll sleep well and wake up refreshed. If you consume more than is recommended, you may wake up a little groggy.

    • Everybody reacts to cannabis differently.
      What may be considered too much for one person could have little effect on another. As always, start low and go slow.

    • Cannabis hangovers are not caused by dehydration. The temporary dry mouth is a result of THC binding to your saliva and pausing its production. It has nothing to do with your water intake. That being said, dehydration is a common problem, so make sure you’re getting enough water to prevent feeling poorly.
  • If you feel hungover, you should not drive or make life-changing decisions.

  • Symptoms of a cannabis hangover:

    There isn’t enough scientific research to fully understand the cannabis-hangover connection yet. So far, what we have is anecdotal evidence.

    People report next-day symptoms like:

    • Headaches
    • Red, itchy eyes
    • Chest or sinus congestion
    • Dry mouth
    • Lethargy
    • Nausea

    How to cure a cannabis hangover:

    • Take a shower
    • Make sure you’re properly hydrated
    • Get moving — even a small stretch session can help
    • Eat nutrient-rich food — like organic granola with coconut yogurt and fruit

    You don’t need to worry about a cannabis hangover randomly ruining your plans or slowing you down. Just remember to use cannabis responsibly and maintain your healthy lifestyle.