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Blood Orange Margarita Mocktail

Life is complicated enough. Creating your own infused mocktail shouldn't be ;)

Fast. Convenient. Consistent. 

Each Ripple by TGOD sachet gives you a controlled and consistent dose of dissolvable, tasteless cannabis powder that can easily be added to all your favourite foods and beverages. Unlike other edibles or cannabis beverages, the onset of absorption happens quickly, in just 15-minutes*, meaning there's no more waiting around wondering if your edibles are working. 

Ripple by TGOD THC (now available in 5mg and 7.5mg versions) and balanced THC: CBD formats make it easy to create some cool new mocktail recipes to infuse when life needs a little elevating. 




½ cup fresh blood orange juice

15 ml agave syrup

15ml fresh lime juice

A few dashes of orange bitters

Kosher salt for
rimming the glass

Choose your Ripple

To rim your cocktail glass: Moisten the rimof your glass with a lime wedge and dip/twist upside down into a large plate of kosher salt.

Add all remaining ingredients to a cocktail
shaker with a heaping scoop of ice.

Shake, transfer to your glass and enjoy a faster
way to slow down.

This recipe also works with grapefruit and
orange juice. Get creative!