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An Easier Way to Make Your Own Edibles

Staying home these past few months has played an important role in our efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. While this is an important public health effort (with effects that should not be diminished), it has meant a lot of extra time indoors. In response, many of us have been baking, whether it's to keep busy or find a little comfort in these very anxious times. 

For those of us looking to experiment with a little "adult baking", trying your hand at infused recipes can be a new way to flex your culinary muscle.


How Can You Infuse Your Favourite Recipes? 

There are a few ways you can go about infusing your kitchen creations. 

The first (and most traditional) way is by going old-school and using dried cannabis flower as your elevating ingredient. Using dried flower in your recipes does, however, require a few steps, and can take quite a bit of time. First, you need to decarboxylate your bud (preferably you're choosing organic since you'll be consuming it). To decarboxylate your buds, you need to apply low heat to turn the THC from its acid form (THCA) to its more active form THC. Once the dried buds are "ready" you will want to mix them with a fat (butter, olive oil, coconut oil) that acts as a carrier for the THC. You can find a great step by step guide here, but a serious word of caution; Making edibles this way is extremely hard to dose. If you do choose to use this method for baking - start low and go slow.

If you're looking for a better way to control the dose of the cannabis you are consuming there are a few other options you can try.

One way (the best way, but we're biased!) is our new TGOD Infusers. Each sachet contains a controlled dose of 10mg THC in a dissolvable, flavourless, calorie-free format. You can add a TGOD Infusers into your baking (i.e. before it goes in the oven) or sprinkle it on after to give yourself a boost of THC. As you know each sachet contains only 10mg of THC, you'll know exactly the amount of THC you are adding to your recipe.

With typical edibles, the time to onset can be quite long (in some cases a few hours). The reason for this is because of the way edibles first have to be broken down in the stomach and absorbed into the blood stream before they are metabolized by the body. 

What's great about our TGOD Infusers is we've worked very hard on creating a way to make the cannabis particles very small so this process happens at a much faster rate. We have a study showing that absorption of cannabinoids from Infusers into the bloodstream occurs within 15 minutes*. So you can start enjoying your cookies, brownies, cakes, cinnamon buns, (whatever your creation!) faster than a traditional edible.

The TGOD Community has been sharing lots of great recipes on Instagram. If you've made an infused creation, be sure to share it with us! Tag us on Instagram and let us see your baking chops. We've got more recipes we'll be sharing soon. If there's a recipe you want to learn let us know. 

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*Based on the study Evaluation of Pharmacokinetics and Acute Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Two Oral Cannabidiol (CBD) Preparations. Measuring detectable levels of CBD compared to CBD Oil alone when dissolved in water.