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7 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

Image via Unsplash | Ant Rozetsky

With another holiday season comes another set of resolutions. These yearly goals are made with our best intentions at heart. They are the seeds for us to grow into stronger versions of ourselves.

For the majority of Canadians, this means making a promise to improve personal fitness and nutrition—and for good reason.

Taking better care of ourselves means enjoying better physical and mental health. While we know this, we have to admit the holiday season adds some challenges. For many of us, the resolve for our wellness fades in winter.

It’s not surprising either. It’s colder and darker, expectations and invites multiply, and many of us feel added pressure to host, find perfect gifts and outfits, mend strained relationships, and, well...it can be a lot even before thinking about the sugary temptations of the season.

So this year, we’re pausing to focus inward. We’re making the conscious choice to put our holistic wellness as top priority because we know that when we do, everyone around us benefits as well. Our gift to ourselves is a greater gift to others.

Here are 7 ways to stay healthy this holiday season:

  1. Turn down any events that don’t excite you.

    Chances are, you’ve been invited to more than a few celebrations. If you haven’t, good for you, you can tailor your own event exactly as you like!

    But for those who have multiple invites, it’s important to remember that using your energy for things that don’t nourish you is counterproductive to your wellness goals. What I’m saying is don’t waste your precious energy on things that don’t feed your soul. Take solace in knowing you don’t need to be everything to everyone. Attend events that truly speak to you and forget the rest.

  2. Only eat your favourite holiday treats.

    I’m not going to tell you to skip dessert because I know that deprivation is not the path to wellness. It seems simple, but telling yourself you can’t have something only makes you want it more. So just don’t.

    Know yourself—know what treats you love and indulge in moderation.
  1. Avoid mindless consuming.

    Mindless consumption of any kind is risky. It can lead to excess calories and spending you didn’t plan for. It can leave you feeling out-of-control and disconnected.

    When it comes to food, remember to stay present. Don’t hang around the holiday snacks waiting for the main meal. Don’t head out shopping on an empty stomach. Have something full of fiber and protein first. Pack snacks with along your adventures.

    When it comes to gift-giving, do what feels right. Don’t go to shops and buy what you think you should. Stay true to yourself. If a gift feels better homemade or carded, do that. Listen to your intuition.

  2. BYO…

    We can’t always count on hosts and office spaces to have healthy options so our best bet is to contribute something to the spread. Consider bringing an organic fruit platter, protein plate, or energy balls.

    Bonus points if you present it as a gift and bring enough for everyone to enjoy.

  3. Get outside.

    Spending time outdoors during the winter can help combat seasonal depression and keep you active. If you’re not much into snow sports, stick with a simple stroll around the block or make snowmen and snow angels. Snow shoveling counts too.

  4. Skip the excuses.

    During this time of year, the excuses are quick to come. While it’s easy to bundle up with comforting snacks and sit back until spring, your body and mind will thank you if you stick with your wellness goals. Consistency equals success.

     5. Adapt your diet.

         Our diets naturally shift in the colder months. What was once a survival                   tactic of switching from summer crops to winter ones is now something so             ingrained in us we hardly notice.

So if you’re not feeling like your usual big salad for lunch, don’t worry about it and don’t force it. Be flexible with your meals and get your greens however you crave. Stews, curries, and roasted root vegetables are some of our favourite foods that keep us healthy during the holiday season.

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