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6 Ways To Incorporate Cannabis into Your Wellness Routine

Image via Unsplash | Jony Ariad


We’re the type of people who care about our bodies. We know that keeping a healthy lifestyle means enjoying our best lives.

We appreciate that people practice wellness through different routines. For some, their focus is on nourishing their body with whole, organic foods. For others, wellness means moving—biking, running, walking, swimming, lifting weights, you name it. Still, others feel best when dosing themselves with self care—baths, massages, meditation.

Cannabis can enhance them all. Whatever your style, there is a strain for you.   

Use and Yoga

Dosing while downward dogging is growing trendier by the minute. Studios around the world host yoga-and-use sessions where participants are allowed to consume cannabis before, during, and after class.

Cannabis use has been said to increase one’s ability to stretch deeper and hone in on the meditative aspects of the traditional practice.

Puff some Post-Workout Relief

Topicals and edibles are great for speeding up recovery time after working out or running long distances. Applying some cannabis-infused cream with pain-fighting essential oils like arnica, caspicum, and cinnamon does wonders for sore knees and muscles.

You can also ingest the healing properties through capsules, food, or teas, providing lasting relief.

Enhance Your Meditation Session

Cannabis can elevate your meditation session in several different ways.

  • Deep breathing practices are complemented by euphoria-inducing sativa or hybrid strains like Euforia and Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Guided meditations are best paired with focus-inducing hybrids.
  • Mindfulness practices are enhanced by indicas that help reduce anxiety so one can clear their mind and relax on a deep level.

Elevate Your Organic Food

Cannabis is nutritious in more ways than one. You can add CBD oil into smoothies, sauces, and baked goods, providing a boost of inflammation-fighting power and healthy fat to your diet.

You can also opt for raw, organic hemp oil, adding omegas and antioxidants.

Neither of these uses of cannabis will result in a “high” feeling.

Bliss out in the Bath

The cannabis market has totally transformed bathtime. They’ve taken natural bath bombs and salts, something already perfect and wonderful, and added CBD and THC to help one relax on a deeper level and beat pain. You can make your own at home and add complementary oils like lavender, sandalwood, and peppermint.

Make the Most of a Massage

Most of us need more massages, but they’re considered a luxury item. You can buy or DIY a cannabis-infused massage lotion and have a spa night at home instead. The healing properties of the plant are absorbed quickly into your skin’s cannabinoid receptors and relief is lasting.
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