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5 Reasons People Choose Organic Cannabis
Image via Pexels | Michael Fischer

Conscious consumers want to understand what’s in their products. Whether this means knowing their apples were grown in an organic orchard or their cannabis with compost fertilizers, it comes down to the same thing. Organics are a choice people make very intentionally.

Top 5 reasons people choose organic cannabis:

They use cannabis to compliment their healthy lifestyle

For people who see cannabis as a supplement, going organic just makes sense. It’s the only way to avoid added toxic chemicals and know with confidence what you’re consuming.

They already believe in the power of organics

People who already skip certain aisles in the grocery store, head straight to farmer’s markets, shop the Clean Fifteen, or grow their own organic food know the difference of organics make because they live it. They taste it. They feel it. It’s no surprise then that this appreciation for organics naturally extends to cannabis.

They want to help save the planet

These days, there’s no debate: Organic agriculture is better for the environment. It gives back to the earth and the community, and both have a ripple effect for decades to come. From environmentalists to everyday good people trying to live sustainably, organic cannabis means cannabis that gives back to the planet.

They’re home-growing and already keep an organic garden

For gardeners who’ve discovered the more fruitful ecosystem that comes with an organic approach, there’s no question as to how they’ll grow their legally allotted 4 plants per household. For beginner gardeners, it’s worth it to follow their lead and go organic from the start.

Organic gardening replenishes the soil, conserves water, yields bigger harvests, and avoids infusing your plants and waterways with toxic pesticides.

They’re treating a medical condition

For so many other prescriptions, organic doesn’t exist as an alternative option. With cannabis, patients treating medical conditions can make a more conscious decision about what goes into their bodies. Keep in mind that any new additions to medical or wellness plans should be consulted with a professional.