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5 benefits of having an organic lifestyle
Image via Unsplash | PHÚC LONG

Going organic is about more than sticking to certain aisles in your grocery store. It’s a choice that quickly becomes a lifestyle. You see, when you decide to go organic, you create a positive ripple effect on everything around you from your family to farmers and all the way down the soil.

You become a catalyst for sustainable, healthy change. In return, you live your best life. But you’ve heard that before, haven’t you? So what does it really mean? It means you get to reap the endless benefits that organics offer.

Here are the top 5 benefits of having an organic lifestyle:

More essential nutrients, including cancer-preventing antioxidants

Organic food has higher levels of essential nutrients like vitamins, carotenoids, unsaturated fatty acids, and polyphenols. It also has a denser antioxidant profile. This means the food we purchase works harder to keep us healthy and prevent illness.

This higher nutrient content is especially important for pregnant women, babies, and growing toddlers.

Increased fertility

One in six Canadian couples will struggle with fertility in their lifetime. As that number continues to rise, many are looking for ways to naturally increase their chances of becoming biological parents. Organics can help. Research has shown that a diet comprised of organic foods results in higher fertility rates. 

Longer lifespan

Living a truly organic lifestyle extends well past what you eat. It’s about what you put on your body and bring into your home as well. Living organically with natural beauty routines and organic cleaning and gardening products means directly increasing your lifespan. Not only that, but your longer life will be a healthier one.

Reduced exposure to toxic pesticides and heavy metals

When you eat non-organic foods, toxic pesticides and heavy metals like cadmium build up in your body. In one estimate, as many as ten pounds of pesticides can accumulate in your body each year. That build up changes how your body functions and limits your wellness potential.

By simply choosing organic, you can reduce your exposure to these harmful toxins and restore your body’s natural balance.

Lower environmental footprint

As if all that wasn’t enough, when you live organically, you live in such a way that honours the planet. Organic production systems use less energy, have more fertile soil and reduce erosion, use less fertilizer, store more carbon in the soil, are more profitable for farmers, and have higher yields.

So when you take care of yourself and your family, you also take care care of the earth. That’s something we can be proud of.