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3 Reasons Why Organic Cannabis Is Better

Cannabis cultivation has historical roots in outdoor organic farming methods, but the legal industry has commercialized growing to where it’s now difficult to find the plant in its purest form.

A lack of research on cannabis agriculture and regulations lead countless commercial cultivators to make environmentally-impactful decisions based on short term profit margins over sustainability.

Toxic synthetic pesticides, fungicides, salts, and heavy metals are, as a result, all present in non-organic cannabis. Now, human health concerns and a drive from consumers to know what it is in their cannabis has put pressure on the industry to change its not-so-green ways.

Leading innovators are pouring profits into the pursuit of large-scale sustainable solutions. As the market continues to expand, so too does the need for clean cannabis.

But what makes organic cannabis better?

It’s better for your health

People consume cannabis for its health benefits. Even recreational users partake in part for the euphoric feeling of harmonious balance. For medicinal users, adding potentially life-threatening toxins to their prescription is counterproductive at best and irresponsible at worst.

Organic cannabis is a natural medicine or supplement, period. It is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides, salts, or heavy metals, effectively reducing our exposure to such health irritants.

When the body doesn’t have to work overtime to detox from synthetics, it can focus solely on achieving wellness and restoring its endocannabinoid balance.

It’s better for the environment

Organic agriculture is not only safer for the environment, it actively works to reverse damage done by conventional farming practices. Organic growing feeds the soil with whole nutrients, improving its pH level and natural fertility.

Living Soil

Source: Unsplash | Kyle Ellefson

Cannabis grown organically indoors also benefits the planet. Organic practices transform plant and animal waste into viable fertilizers that require less processing than commercial conventional options.

It’s better for the community

When a fast-growing industry starts widely using commercial agricultural chemicals in their processes, it’s everyone’s business. The short-term payoff of quick pest control and synthetically-stimulated growth means surrounding communities are affected by toxic waste runoff entering their waterways and groundwater reserves. This poses a health threat to humans and animals alike.

With organic growing, the natural fertilizers used nourish the soil, increasing its structure and improving water infiltration. Groundwater pollution is not a concern.

Organic cannabis was once the norm and it’s high-time legal cultivators returned to their roots. Organic cannabis is healthier for our bodies, the environment, and our communities.