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20 On-The-Go Snacks You Can Pack in Glass Jars

By Michelle Pugle

Quiz Question: What makes glass a great packaging option?
Glass is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet. It’s also one of the top food and supplement packaging materials because it’s durable and preserves freshness, taste, and nutrition. 

The best part? You don’t need to spend money on expensive glass containers. Instead, you can save your TGOD  glass containers from your organic cannabis purchases and reuse them for a lifetime. 

The size of The Green Organic Dutchman’s sustainable glass jars and their secure lids are perfect for packing snacks to work, while traveling, or picnicking this summer season.


Here are 25 on-the-go snack ideas: 

  1. Roasted chickpeas with paprika
  2. Yogurt and strawberry chunks
  3. Cucumber chunks lemon juice and dried dill
  4. Nuts and dried fruit with dark chocolate
  5. Candied pecans and date chunks
  6. Hummus with carrot slices
  7. Rice pudding with raisins
  8. Nut butter with apple slices
  9. Applesauce with cinnamon
  10.  Blueberries with honey drizzle
  11.  Fresh fruit salad with shredded coconut
  12.  Cottage cheese with raspberry jam
  13. Dried apple rings and banana chips
  14. Bell pepper and celery chunks with ranch drizzle
  15. Quinoa with black beans and salsa
  16. Overnight oatmeal with fruit
  17. Chia seed pudding with raw cocoa powder
  18. Tomato chunks with feta cheese and basil leaves
  19. Cold pasta salad with sweet peas
  20. Diced apples with honey, cinnamon, and crushed nuts
  21. Dark chocolate raisins and raw peanuts
  22. Ground turkey, corn, green peppers, and hot sauce
  23. Greek salad with lemon juice and chickpeas
  24. Tuna salad with celery and fresh dill 
  25. Whip cream with fresh fruit and coconut shreds

As a reminder, always wash your TGOD jars before packing your favourite on-the-go snacks!