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10 CBD Treats to Fall for This Season

By Michelle Pugle

Making the most of the holidays means indulging in all the delicious flavours of the season, and this year, that includes CBD. 

Pure CBD oil adds a delicate earthiness to the robust sweet and savoury treats of fall. It can be easily infused into almost any treat, but there are a few things to take into consideration before beginning. 

  1. Consider your desired dosage.

    If this is your first time baking with CBD oil, ‘start low and go slow’ as they say. In other words, look at your recipe and see if the total CBD amount per serving makes sense for you. Likewise, don’t overindulge in your treats simply because they aren’t rich in psychoactive THC. Moderation is still the rule of thumb with edibles of any kind.

  2. Think about your sourcing.

    Since legalization, there has been an influx of CBD oils available for sale, but they’re certainly not all equal. Don’t compromise quality thinking it won’t matter because you’re baking the oil anyway. It matters. Remember, the ingredients that go in reflect the product that comes out. If you want great CBD treats, you need to source great oil.

  3. Don’t scorch your CBD.

    Baking your CBD past 340-360° will destroy the chemical compounds contributing to its effects.

    To make the most of your CBD oil, choose recipes with lower temperatures or go for no-bake treats instead. 

Don’t worry, if you feel like it’s a lot to consider for a simple sweet or savoury treat, we’ve got you covered with these simple and satisfying autumn-inspired CBD recipes below.

1. CBD Pumpkin Golden Milk 

Organic pumpkin puree, coconut milk, and turmeric pair with raw honey, cinnamon, and pure CBD for a nutrient-infused drink that’s perfect for sipping on autumn evenings.

Add your pumpkin puree to simmering coconut milk. Then, pour in your CBD oil, honey, and spices, being sure to stir to avoid clumping. Serve immediately and top with additional cinnamon or turmeric. More recipe details can be found at Natalie Nicosia’s GanjaprenuerGal.

  1. CBD-Infused Turmeric Ginger Gummies

The seaweed extract used for setting these sweets means these are suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and those with religious-based food restrictions. They make a lovely hostessing or ‘thank you’ gift.

Best served with autumn-infused evening teas like apple cinnamon or spiced orange.

You can find the full ingredient list and tutorial at Kale Junkie.

3. CBD-Infused Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

This simple vegan donut base is a must-make. From there, you can have fun experimenting with fall flavours for the topping. I recommend trying allspice with sugar or even dipping the donuts in a pumpkin spice royal frosting.

Learn how to bake these in just 10 minutes with this recipe from Ediblooms.

4. CBD Paleo Flax Bread

This hearty flax bread is made with just eight ingredients and can be topped with CBD-infused honey, maple syrup, or fresh fruit spread. If you’re feeling creative, or want to add some extra sweetness to Nicole Modic’s Kale Junkie recipe, try tossing in some Fairtrade chocolate chips and organic raisins and topping with a cinnamon CBD frosting.

5. Cannabis Ginger Snap Cookies

For anyone who grew up with their grandmother making ginger snap cookies, this is the ultimate throwback treat with a twist. The spicy notes take center stage, leaving behind little-to-no CBD flavour in the chewy dough we all know and love.

Do yourself a favour and serve these cookies from the Stoner’s Cookbook with hot coffee or black tea.

6. Pumpkin Spice Latte Loaf with CBD Frosting

It wouldn’t be autumn without a pumpkin spice latte, but we’ve done you one better and found this latte loaf. The recipe from Lil Sipper is designed with your digestive health in mind, meaning you can feel good about indulging in this dessert.

The best part? The CBD is only in the frosting, so if you want an extra slice, you don’t need to worry about dosing. You can eat as much of the loaf as you like and add your CBD frosting based on your desired effects.

7. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and CBD Cookies

The Sweet Simple Vegan shares her healthy apple cinnamon oatmeal cookie recipe with or without added CBD. Either way, these are a great treat for the morning hours, while adventuring, or before bed. 

Just be sure to swap out the peanut butter in these for a suitable alternative, if necessary. You can get the full recipe details here.

8. CBD-Infused Carrot Cake with Greek Yogurt Topping

The Greek yogurt ‘frosting’ replaces a ton of processed sugar and adds lean protein to this traditional dessert. If you’re not a fan, no worries, the cake is sweet and moist enough to stand alone and still seriously impress guests. I do, however, highly recommend adding crushed walnuts and raisins to the cake batter before baking. Just trust me on this one.

Read the full recipe from HelloMD here.

9. Cannabis Sticky Buns

For those of us with a serious sweet tooth, we have cannabis sticky buns made with maple syrup and brown sugar ‘goo.’ Now, it’s important to note that both the dough and the topping call for cannabis-infused fat (butter or oil). Be sure to double check your dosing, and, if you’re not sure, sub some cannabis ingredients for regular ol’ butter and olive oil to play it safe.

Get the full tutorial, including progress pictures, here.

10. Spiced Nuts with Cannaoil

Spiced nuts are such a simple and satisfying way to incorporate a little CBD into your autumn treats. Simply coat the nuts in egg white and spices like cinnamon, ginger, and allspice, and bake until brown and fragrant. 

You can use this base recipe from Cannabis Now and add other trail mix items as you like.